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February 10, 2009


it's all so goddamn depressing. i told a friend of right after the election that it is all the small depts. we know nothing about that will do the most damage. rmono

Well, jeez. Makes all that libertarian talk about going off the radar seem realistic.

Hey, JMH!!! Way to go!! An Instalaunch and a great read at the end. Time to buy rations and ammunition-- or retreat to an island paradise with a few good friends.

Really a good read. But a sad commentary to the decline of a once great freedom loving nation.

Brilliant, JMH.

Excellent as always.

I am so glad for the bonus Ashcroft link at the end. You mean to tell me Comey took advantage of a man on morphine? I'm beginning to suspect that was a mini-coup on his part.

"What the heck does the Commerce Secretary do besides the census?"

Krauthammer today on FOX said that other than that he is simply in charge of feeding the fish in the DC Aquarium. Apparently the DC Aquarium is in the same building. Too bad we couldn't get Arlen Specter to take the Commerce job. Maybe we could feed him to the fish.

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