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September 23, 2008


It has been consistently shocking to me to see how much of this talk of reform is about process and how little it addresses what actually goes on in the classroom. What is the content of these various programs? What are they trying to do and what do they do with it? Nobody seems to know or care, which just amazes me no end.

When I went to the bookstore to check out books on teaching, I found books that addressed only what went on in the classroom with nothing about reform efforts and very little about administration. And yet after reading thousands of words of Challenge documents, I don't think a single teacher or pupil is mentioned by name, or a single classroom scene described.

This situation reminds me of the scene in Atlas Shrugged where industrialist Hank Rearden contributed to his lefty brother's "Workshop for Social Study", not knowing what it was but only wanting to make his brother happy. Of course the Workshop worked on behalf of a bill that seriously damaged Rearden's business, and because of the contribution they got it passed. It might behoove Annenberg and his successors to understand what they are giving money to. Quite honestly I don't think the Board even understood.

From what I can see, these businesspeople on the board say they want to help education and they give money to education but they don't really care that education is helped, just that they are said to be community leaders helping education. If you don't know what you're funding, I say "Don't fund it!"

What would really be interesting is to see Obama's role in Ayers' agenda. Was he just a dupe put in charge of the board to rubber stamp Ayers' proposals or did he have a genuinely active role? There seems to be little evidence other than the $2 million grant to support the LSCs that Obama actively pushed against resistance on the Board. That implies Obama supports the Ayers agenda but he could just be responding to pressure from Ayers.

I'd love to see stronger evidence of what Obama actually did. I hope people are digging into those records and more information will emerge.

By the way, what surprises me about Steve Diamond is how you can remain a lefty after rooting around in these documents. Isn't it interesting to see people can burrow around in the fetid swamps of badly run government and still have faith in it? I don't get it.

Hope that was of interest.


Thanks for commenting David. We're working on an update.

Your presence you-know-where is deeply missed. Hope all is well.

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